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How to Build a Wind Turbine - A Basic Overview

How to Build a Wind Turbine - A Basic Overview

This article is for anyone who may be interested in learning about how to build a wind turbine and how wind turbines generate energy for use in residential homes. There is so much information out there on renewable energy and recently there has been an explosion of information on how you can build and use renewable energy in your home.
In order to try and cut through all of this information I'd like to help you out with this basic overview of how windpower works and how to build a wind turbine in its simplest form.

All wind generators consist of these 5 basic components:
1. Rotor blades
2. Shaft
3. A generator
4. Batteries - electrical control system
5. Inverter/transformer
When trying to understand how to build a wind turbine and how windpower works, it is easiest to look at each of these components.

A wind turbine generates renewable energy by capturing the kinetic energy in wind through the rotor blades. This kinetic energy is capture in rotational from which is then transferred through the shaft and fed into the generator. It is the generator that is then able to turn that rotational (kinetic) energy into electric energy (electric current). In its most basic form, generating electricity from a wind turbine is all about transferring energy from one medium to another.

As you can see, the process begins with the rotor blades that are turned by the wind creating the rotational kinetic energy, as the blades turn, the rotor hub (the central hub of the rotor blades) turns the shaft that is connected to the generator. The generator receives this rotational kinetic energy and turns it into an electric current which is then fed down into the electrical control system where it is either stored, or transformed into a household energy current and fed into the home electrical board.

The tower is an important part of the wind turbine. Its purpose is to hold the main parts of the wind generator in an optimal position to capture as much wind energy as possible. However, when considering the height of your tower it is important to keep in mind how you will be able to rotate the wind generator towards the wind. This is an important factor to ensure your turbine is effective and will generate the maximum amount of energy possible.

When initially learning about how windpower works it may seem a complicated and daunting process. But when the systems are broken down and each components purpose is understood, generating your own home windpower isn't at all complicated.

The majority of the materials and components needed to construct your own wind turbine are readily available and affordable. Suppliers and industries are now realizing the increasing demand for home renewable energy solutions and are scrambling to supply products and information to enable more people to do so.

Wind Turbine Advantages - Home Wind Turbine Advantages and Applications

Home Wind Turbine Advantages and Applications

Eco-friendliness and cost-efficiency are two MAJOR benefits of owning a home wind turbine. As these turbines harness the natural power of the wind, the absence of any chemical gasses is a WONDERFUL thing about these power-generating devices, making our Earth a much cleaner play to live.

The home wind turbine performs it's job of creating electricity by channeling wind into generator. From atop a tall tower, three large "fan" blades attach to a rotor, which turns to power the generator. Much like a weather vain, the rotor of this turbine is equipped with a tail-fin to continually position it in the direction of the wind.
Commonly, the generator is a electric motor. This motor has coils which circle around powerful magnets, thereby creating a charge of electricity. Power cells (think giant rechargeable batteries) accumulates energy which is then transformed into electricity by an inverter to be utilized throughout your residency. Home wind turbine are a favorite in the world of alternative power-generating devices due to vast improvements in their superior motor technology.

The overall height of your system will be contingent on wind conditions in your region. In areas with light to moderate winds, a very tall structure is needed. If the area you live in is prone to high winds, such as on the coast, the structure does not have to be as tall.

Since their early introduction, the blade configuration and material has progressed significantly over the years. Now, more durable, lightweight blades make for a much more efficient wind turbine, even in light winds. Mimicking the appearance of an old windmill water pump, early wind turbine models were a five-blade design. Modern technology teaches us, however, that the aerodynamic three-blade design, like that of an airplane propeller, is a far more efficient shape. As the sizes of the structures themselves differ, so is true of the blades, also depending on wind conditions. Another factor is your electrical needs. Do-it-yourself kits are even available to construct one of this system at home.
Here are the advantages of owning a wind turbine.

1. You'll get certain tax exceptions. You're electric bill will drop.
2. You can "feed" your household electronic devices, supply water pumps, and charge batteries.
3. This system is a GREAT friend to the Earth!
4. Always have electricity, even when the power goes out.
5. Become more self-sufficient with your energy sources.
6. Simple to operate.

Do It Yourself - Home Wind Turbine

DIY Home Wind Turbine

A home wind turbine is not just projects for enthusiasts, but it is a real possibility for the home owner to generate their own energy demands and to even produce a little extra to sell back to the utility company. Learning how to build your home wind turbine is relatively simple. The options range from purchasing a kit that just needs to be assembled, to starting from scratch and constructing the tower, generator and even carving the windmill blade from suitable wood.

Before you begin to choose what type of construction you would like, a little investigation into the wind potential for the site is a good idea. Wind atlas details are available online, and you can also monitor the prevailing winds using a small wind meter over a period of months. Collecting the data will give you all the information you need to help you pinpoint the ideal site where a windmill should be located. Also, before you select the power generation capacity and make the decision to build your home wind turbine, an eco-audit of the entire home's energy usage may show that savings can be made that reduce demand substantially. This information will be invaluable and will tell you exactly what kind of system you are going to need to have an effect on the energy requirement of your home.

The basic parts needed to build a home wind turbine include, a structure to support the blades and generator and/or a strong enough roof. The windmill blades and connection assembly to a generator. The tail assembly is also another vital part of the system to keep the unit facing into the prevailing wind, which is obviously rather essential. In addition to all this you are also going to need various pieces of electrical equipment. This then becomes an assembly project that the whole family can and should get involved in. This is a good idea to get some help as when it comes to the erection of the final system, the size and shape of the unit can be quite cumbersome.

It should really only take a matter of days to build a home wind turbine. Once all the parts are together, limited knowledge of electrical circuitry will suffice to get it properly connected. However, if the unit is to be designed to return any surplus to the grid, more sophisticated charge controllers and qualified electrical assistance must be used.

On the down side, the energy produced will need to be stored in a battery for slow release when the wind slows. These batteries can pose environmental issues when it comes to their disposal, but one of the side effects of growing demand for wind power is that battery technology is also improving.
Modern wind generators are exceptionally efficient, and one of the most exciting power sources for the future. Anyone wanting to build a home wind turbine will soon discover that they have tapped a free source of power that will give them an enduring supply, and with little or no maintenance needed for some time.


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Wind Turbines For Electricity

Wind Turbines For Electricity

Producing electricity by harnessing the power of the wind is one of the most efficient and fastest growing methods available today. Wind is free and available everywhere although it is most cost effective in areas where the wind is constant and the average speed is around 12 miles per hour or more. It is becoming competitive with gas and coal generated electricity and at prime sites even exceeds them. It really harnesses the power of the sun since that is what heats the planet and causes the wind. Temperature variations occur when some sun is blocked or reflected by clouds which make the earth under them become cooler than where the sun is striking the earth. This causes the warmer air to rise which then causes the cooler air to flow towards that area to replace the risen warm air. Similar air flow can be experienced near the shore lines of large bodies of water.
The land heats and cools faster than the water and this variation causes air flow back and forth along the shore line. Unbroken plains make good sites as do mountain passes where the flow tends to funnel through. This is important because as the wind speed doubles, the amount of energy available increases eightfold. Also, wind speeds increase as altitude increases so it is sometimes advantageous to position wind turbines at as high an altitude as possible.
Another advantage is that turbines require little maintenance. Since a lot of turbines can be positioned relatively close to each other in what is called a wind farm, you can get a lot of electricity with a minor amount of upkeep.
The fact that wind turbines can be placed just about anywhere there is wind means they can be distributed throughout the country. This means wind power can usually be generated locally. The other side of that coin is that as the national power grid improves, it almost doesn't even matter where they are located since the electricity can be transmitted just about anywhere.
Most turbines have the appearance of an airplane propeller and are constructed with a vane that keeps the blades that are attached to the rotor facing into the wind. This increases the efficiency. There are also turbines referred to as vertical axis wind turbines. These are different in that three or four blades are mounted on a rotating pole. Each blade is attached to the pole at the top and extends straight down but with a curve (or buckle) and then back in again to be attached near the base of the pole. Turbines of this type are able to capture the wind regardless of which direction it is blowing. The rotating pole is attached to a rotor that then generates the electricity.
Some turbines are built on towers that are 30 stories high and each blade may be 300 feet long. These are immense and require a very stable platform to keep from falling over in a high wind. Often times support wires are used for stabilization.
Wind energy has great promise but mostly in areas where the wind is a reliable source. Otherwise the downtime or reduced efficiency makes it less competitive than alternative methods such as solar, geothermal, etc.

Homemade Wind Turbines

Homemade Wind Turbines

Yes, just build your homemade wind turbines. If you are suffering from the expensive electricity bills, I have a good solution for you. What about using free energy resources like wind to generate all the electricity we need for our home's devices and completely eliminate the power bill completely? Complete the article to get the idea.
It is very possible to convert your current electricity to be generated from wind by using a simple wind power system that can create all electricity you need to power televisions, computes, wash machines and any other electrical devices at your home without consuming high amount of electricity.
Wind as a very good energy alternative solution is being used widely these days. Big countries like Germany are trying to convert their dependence on traditional energy resources like nuclear energy to more cleaner renewable energy resources like solar and wind. So, they stopped using some of their nuclear stations and have built big windmills to power many areas.
I think you should depend on the homemade wind turbines instead of buying electricity for much money. You can easily decrease your power bills by up to %80 - %85 if you use such systems for home electricity. And I think building such systems will save you much money if you buy a similar system from a store.
I strongly recommend anyone to build a home wind turbine. The good news is you can build these windmills yourself following and understanding a simple step by step instructions guide. There are few trusted Ebooks out there that can teach you how to build your own wind power system.
Build a wind turbine now, easy guides reviewed:
GreenDIYenergy Solar
Wind Energy Diy Guide


advantages of wind turbines

 Advantages of wind turbines

There are a few key advantages of wind turbines that you can benefit from. These are based on the low price and they very high quality. Wind energy is the most cost effective form of renewable energy and has recently gotten ever more affordable. The obvious advantages include affordability and power, but how can you benefit? This article discusses the major advantages of wind turbines and how you can help yourself to them.
If you are not an expert in the field then for the first time ever, you can build a high quality wind turbine for a record low price with more ease than ever before. Basically, the whole system shifted to something that is pretty amazing: cheap power that almost anyone can now take advantage of.

From years of trial and error came the formula to make a very cheap wind turbine that is powerful at the same time. The key advantages of wind turbines have to do with price. The cost is now a couple hundred dollars and the benefit is about 80% off of your electric bill every month. That sounds like something that would become popular, right? It has, but that isn't the reason for its popularity.

The other major advantages of wind turbines nowadays are the net metering programs that let you get paid for generating more electricity than you use, but more importantly allowing people to do this. Forget everything else for a moment: if people can't build the wind turbines than all the other advantages are useless. This is why one of the biggest advantages of wind turbines is the plans that are now being aimed at ordinary people. These plans are successfully teaching the common man how to save big.

The best place to start is with plans that have a very high success rate and an excellent product. Learn the advantages of wind turbines first hand because it isn't difficult anymore check them out yourself

Advantages of wind turbines grid

 advantages of wind turbines grid

wind turbines grid are becoming more popular as energy rates continue to skyrocket. Getting off the grid will save you money and the environment as well. Just imagine for a moment that you have built your very own wind turbine or solar panel system. Now imagine the feeling of being able to produce your own electricity with a clean, free and renewable energy. No more high electric bills. No more unreliable power from the grid and no more worrying about the ever-increasing energy rates.

You can have all of this with off grid power systems. But, if you invest in a commercial wind turbine or solar panel system, you had better be ready to spend upwards of 10,000 dollars, possibly even more. How long is it going to take to get any kind of return on that investment? However, you can build your own off grid power systems that will produce electricity just the same as those commercial systems. And at a fraction of the cost. For less than 500 dollars in most instances, you can build a wind turbine or solar panel system that will start producing free and clean energy for your home. Not only that, you can build these systems over the course of a weekend. These DIY systems are fully operational and perform just as well as the commercial systems. They produce the same electricity at a consistent and reliable rate.

You will be able to find all of the supplies you need at your local hardware store. There might be a few items that will need to be ordered, but nothing complicated. And speaking of complicated, if you have the right plans for these off grid power systems, you will be able to follow along without any problem. Actually, there is nothing overly complicated in building a wind turbine or solar system. Thousands of homeowners have built their own power generators, and there is an increasing number building them. As the rates for energy continue to climb as the demand for power outpaces the supply, your electricity is going to become even more unreliable. The power grids are not going to be able to handle the demand for energy in the years to come. That means more brown-outs, even black-outs as the system begins to fail. All the more reason to get off the grid and start producing your own energy. With just the slightest breeze, your homemade wind turbine will start producing the electricity you need to power your home. The smallest ray of sunshine will be enough to do the same. And if you start to produce more energy than you can use, you can deliver the extra power back into the grid. Imagine being able to supply your neighbors with energy that you produced for free, and getting paid for it.

That is right, getting paid for it. Your power company will send you a check every month that you supply electricity to the grid. Now how awesome is that? Generating your own energy is a great feeling, and getting off the grid is very liberating. You can finally ditch the unreliable commercial energy with one of these off grid power systems.

Advantages turbines wind power

Advantages of Homemade Wind Turbines

The market of green energy is growing at an incredibly rapid rate and at the forefront of this movement is wind power. Wind can be used to power large farms or buildings but it can also be used to power a person's home. Homemade wind turbines are one the best ways to go green for your house. Here are 3 reasons why you should be using wind to generate energy for your home.

1. Cheap To Do
Building your own wind turbine may sound like a daunting task that requires tons of money to invest, but it is actually relatively cheap. The only catch is that you must know where to find materials for a low price. One of the best ways of doing this is by using a guide for creating a natural energy source. A guide will not only tell you how you can build your own wind power generator but it will also tell where you can get necessary materials for free. Finding the right guide can potentially save you hundreds of hours of research as well as thousands of dollars.

2. Make Some Serious $$$
One of the most appealing advantages of using homemade wind turbines is that you will save a ton of cash. This is because you will no longer have to pay for your energy bill as you will be producing your own natural energy. That means you will be saving hundreds of dollars every single month for things that you would much rather spend your hard earned cash on. Another great thing about creating your own natural power system is that you can actually make money from it. In addition to eliminating your energy bill every month you can actually sell unused energy back to your utility company. This may take a few months to achieve but once you get things rolling you will have yourself a steady stream of income!

3. Environmentally Friendly
Using wind to power your home is a great way to help out the environment. Since wind power is a green form of energy, it does not produce any pollutants and is entirely renewable. Unlike fossil fuels this will not emit harmful materials into the atmosphere, something that is a huge problem these days. If we want to keep our planet a sustainable place to live then we must do our part to protect the environment. Generating energy through wind is one of the most effective ways of doing this.

Green energy is free energy. Why not make a homemade wind turbine and take advantage of what renewable energy has to offer?
Finding just the right DIY green energy guide can take hundreds of hours of research. Don't fret. I've saved you the hassle by finding the absolute best natural energy guide. All you have to do is the click the link below and you will be on your way to saving hundreds of dollars every single month!

advantages of wind turbines